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Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: November 10, 2019

The OFM realized he had not checked the second set of buildings in the Rockport Beach to see if they were finished and ready for use. So off to the Beach to see what the story is.

As we approached the buildings they were looking finished from the hurricane repairs. Sierra took us into the parking lot and got us close to the buildings. Good truck, good truck we patted Sierra on the hood and headed for the buildings. 

There are two buildings with a  wide wooden walkway between them. The necessities rooms are in one and a meeting room in the other. Both of them have a very nice open air covered room on the second floor that looks out over the beach and out into the bay area.

We spent a good bit of time up on the open air room looking at things our there in the warm sun. The beach view is very good. We need to have binoculars with us for future trips here.

The OFM spent a good bit of time standing around in a trance it seemed. We finally asked what he was doing. He said that he was trying to decide if it would be nice up here sitting at a table painting a picture or ten. The Teams all agreed that it would be an event worth trying out for size.

We had come up from the beach side and when we meandered over to the opposite side there was a wonderful surprise waiting for the Teams. The handicapped access ramp was perfect for the OFM to work on rehab of his knees and legs. Check out his nice surprise.

Now we have another reason to return here often. There are pretty flowers near the ramp that will soon be in the blog making the day more cheerful. WOW we could even bring a nice sandwich and drink for lunch. This is sounding better and better isn’t it.

It looks like we have a great area for doing some trying to have tooooo much fun waiting for us.

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