G Rock at PINS

Adventure Location: PAIS, Texas
Adventure Report Date: November 23, 2019
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The beach was calling and the Teams had to respond properly. So we headed to Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) to get the latest information. After the long drive and crossing the ferry at Port Aransas then more driving on Mustang Island and them more driving on Padre Island we arrived at the entry sign for PINS.

Just past this sign is a very nice nature trail we have reported on in the past. It is paved and well worth the short walk around it. From here on to the visitor center is another couple of miles through the grass lands and dunes.

After parking at the large parking lot at the Visitors Center we walked over to the entry stairs where G Rock got to see some of the native vegetation in the area. We reminded G Rock that some of the vegetation had thorns tough enough to scratch the paint G Rock wears, so be careful. G Rock said “careful is my first name.” Yeah right the OFM replied.

After looking around at the Visitor Center a bit and purchasing a few Christmas presents we headed to the viewing platform way up on top of the visitor center.  G Rock enjoyed learning about the native Americans and looking over the landscape to the beach and way out to sea.

We made it down the several flights of stairs to the ground and headed back up the stairs to the main deck in front of the Visitor Center entry. Then we went back down a different ramp to the beach. Yep there is a lot of ramps or stairs. Most of the Visitor Center is wheel chair accessible with help pushing UP the ramps.

After a short walk through the dunes and then across the beach sand the Teams grabbed this photo of the very clean beach.

The waves were small this day and not much had washed ashore to make beach combing fun so we did not stay long. As soon as G Rock had enough of its first time on a Texas beach we headed back up the ramp and back down on the other side to Sierra to go inspect the campground for possible camping there again.

It was about two miles to the campground. It is still a nice place. It is located sort of on top of some low dunes that slope toward the beach. The larger dunes are the campsites that are inland from the campground. The picture below is taken with the beach to the left and the larger dunes to the right.

It looks decent as usual with a 14 day limit before you are required to vacate the campground. See the website to get all the delicious details. It has been a few years since out last time to stay there but we enjoyed that visit.

By now it was getting later in the day and time to head back to Rockport and the Castle. G Rock says it was a good day of trying to have tooooo much fun, ya”ll. (G Rock is getting to be a Texas rock)

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