Fishermans Sunset

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: November 3, 2019


We agreed to take G Rock back to the pier this evening if he was a good rock. He promised to behave so he would not fall off the pier and get lost in the ocean. The good news is G Rock did behave very well.

First G Rock had to examine the fishing gear. Keep in mind this is G Rock’s first time out pier fishing.  The fishing gear was put on Sierra and G Rock checked it all out and asked a hundred polite questions.

Then we started out on the pier. After we passed through the sand dunes there is a stair down to the beach. However the tide was very high today so the stairs ran down into the water to get to the sand. Here is G Rock checking it out while being careful to not fall in.

When G Rock was ready we headed on out to sea on the pier. We came to a spot where the wood of the pier needed a hair cut and G Rock politely asked to be put down to see it up close. G Rock though that was really neat but the OFM could not recall what that fuzzy wood event was called.

 After a couple of minutes we meandered on down to the turn in the pier. We saw old friend Ray out nearer the end of the pier fishing. The OFM had not seen Ray since last April when the Teams left for Alabama. We paused here at the turn so G Rock could watch the evening sun on the water for a few minutes. G Rock was fascinated by the way the waves changed the light with their actions.

We moved on to visit with Ray and do a little fishing. Ray did all the catching and that really had G Rock amazed. During the conversation we found out that during the summer he and his wife had moved to Rockport from some frozen north state to be warm and near good fishing.

As the sunset started to develop the OFM put down his rod and concentrated on photographing the sunset. Ray gathered his gear and started the long walk back to the parking lot. G Rock stayed out on the end of the pier with the OFM and visited until it was dark. The OFM took 27 pictures of the sunset and discussed which one to put in the blog tonight. We happened to agree on this one we named Fisherman’s Sunset.

Fisherman's Sunset

By the time we made it back to Sierra the mosquitoes were starting swarm the OFM but that did not stop us from considering this a great adventure of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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