Waste Land

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: November 7, 2019

There is not a lot exciting happening lately in OFM territory.  Mostly he just meanders around and visits targets of opportunity as they pass by him. Today started with a bit of fishing and then talking with some tourists about the area. Later is was more fishing and talking with folks. Repeat Repeat Repeat. It makes for a nice day but not for exciting adventures.

At one point in the day the OFM took off for a walk again. He has restricted himself from serious walking since he twisted an ankle and knee in the desert outside Alamogordo NM. This morning it did not hurt when he rolled out of bed, so we gave it a gentle try on smooth pavement and sand. 

After about a mile of easy walking, the knee said enough for today. We immediately headed for Sierra that happened to be close by. The great news is that it is not sore tonight. Tomorrow we will again walk gently and see what happens.

At least on today’s walk we got three pictures to show. The first is some purple flowers in a weed patch next to the road in the bird safety area. They actually seemed to glow with the strong morning sun.

In another spot was some bushes with glowing red flowers. Is it the bright sun of the coast that seems to make the flowers glow so often?

And finally the OFM took a picture of the wasteland in the bird sanctuary.  It is a barren stretch for sure but the migratory shore birds really like nesting in it. Check out this barren plain.

The cold front with rain and wind did make it here late today so who knows what we will be doing tomorrow. We do know we will be working hard at trying to have tooooo much fun again.

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