Part 2/3 MISP Report

Adventure Location: Mustang Island SP, Texas
Adventure Report Date: November 25, 2019
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The repair fellow called and left a message that the new refrig and installers will be here at 0740 in the morning. Good grief it will be nice to have a refrig again. It was a big surprise to have a repair person be so considerate to call with an estimated arrival time. So it will be alarm clock time for getting the OFM out of bed and over to Whataburger for breakfast and back here by 0730 to get all the junk out of the installers way.

Here we go back to Mustang Island SP now. After the campground area we headed for the beach and beachcombing. As has been published here before there is a right way for a vehicle to enter the torn up sand at most parks beach entry point. Drive up near the loose sand.  Choose a route.  Back up enough to get up to a smooth speed before getting to the sand. We have found that about 10-15 mph is usually just right.  Then keep a bit of gas pedal working but try to to accelerate. Keep the speed smooth and slither on across to the firm sand on the other side. And no 4x4 does not make it ok to accelerate. Accelerating just digs a vehicle grave.

Here is a pic of a vehicle coming off the beach as we were choosing a line of approach.

When we got to the jetties Sierra chose a wonderfully perfect spot near the “facilities” in that area. It gave us a great view back down the way to clean beach sand.

The beachcombing is not good with the cleaned off beach like this. We are wanting to see what washed in to the beach.

The flowers in the dunes were in great display and here is a particularly pretty set of them. 

We  meandered about two miles of the beach and on the jetties a little bit. The OFM left knee was objecting to rock hopping on the jetty so that did not last long.

Along the beach was a few sand sculptures. They would have been neat to see we think but someone had stomped all but one of them.  This one was about 9 inches high. But with good skill a good photography manipulator could make it look like Utah instead of Mustang Island Texas.

There are a few more pictures for tomorrow nights blog of some critters and good sunshine beach scenes. It is certainly a nice place to get busy trying to have tooooo much fun.

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