New Frig Installed

Adventure Location: MISP, Texas
Adventure Report Date: November 26, 2019
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The repair fellows got here right on time and wasted about 3 seconds going to work. Good Grief that refrigerator change out was a lot of work. The two gorillas that carried the old unit out and the new unit in had a tough time of it. The hole it went into was a tight fit for sure. They even put the oak panels from the old frig on the door of the new frig. It looks really good in the kitchen.

The new frig has great interior lighting. Apparently a very bright LED light is hidden in there somewhere. The interior is well done.

The OFM bought a bag of ice and split it between the freezer and frig so the unit would be ready to work sooner. Around noon we went on a major food purchasing run. We heard the Walmart grocery manager on the phone as we left ordering an emergency food supply replenishing from the supplier.

At 2000 tonight the unit is very cold and the OFM turned the thermostat up a bit. We do not need the freezer to be at 22F and the frig section to be at 33F. Very soon all our chores will be done and we will have to figure out which way to head again. It certainly is a lot colder in Quartzsite right now than Rockport. Bikini clad folks were playing in the surf at the Beach Park this afternoon.

Now for the Mustang Island SP finale. After getting Sierra parked we started looking around the beach for interesting critters. The pickings were very sparse unless you wanted starfish. Even those were dead and had been for awhile. This one was dead but seemed to be more recent than most of them.

However the ghost crabs were running around in abundance. The body of this one was about a half inch long.  They dig holes in the sand and scurry around all over the place. Check out the stare this one is giving the OFM.

We found a nice scene right at the base of the jetty.  It is full of sparkles isn’t it.

We wish there had been more beachcombing things to talk about but the cleaned off beach is not all bad either. We plan to hit the beach thanksgiving day for more pictures while the rest of the world is stuffing themselves. The Teams are betting that we will have a great time on the beach trying to have tooooo much fun.

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