Entry Door Thermal Assistance

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: November 9, 2019

A lot of heat transfer occurs at the entry door of RVs. The doors are thinner than the walls so more heat goes through them. That is heat going out in the winter and heat coming in during the summer. Here is the entry door of the Castle.

We have seen several very elaborate ways folks have tried to cut the heat transfer down. Old feeble brain OFM naturally had to go for something really simple or it would have overwhelmed him completely. While in colder climates one year and the outside temps got on down to the 13F range the Teams realized that the door needed help fighting the cold.

Several ideas were considered and they were all complicated or expensive or required to much modification to the Castle. Then suddenly the simple solution fell on the OFM’s foot. A sleeping bag thermal liner in a cabinet fell out of the cabinet onto the OFM’s toes. YAHOO the answer had arrived. Just hang a blanket over the door when it was needed.

So we did and it worked wonderfully. Here it is in action from last night.

And it is easy to leave in place and go in and out the door as needed. It has been wonderful.

So now you have the solution in mind, how do you support it? With binder clips of course. A cup hook was installed at each upper corner of the doorway. The binder clip is attached to the door covering and the wire “legs” slipped over the cup hook. 

The cover then just hangs freely against the door. The slight excess length is pushed against the door bottom to complete the installation. 

When it is not needed, the cover is then folded and put back in the cabinet for storage. 

Having a comfortable inside temperature is very good for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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