Breakfast Request

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: November 13, 2019

The question has been asked what the OFM normally eats for breakfast. Why it was asked is not known but here is the answer.

Eggs scrambled with fresh ground black pepper

Chopped potatoes with chopped vegetables stir fried in scant olive oil

Fresh hot green decaffeinated tea

Lawlers BBQ sauce is put on the plate before the food is added to give the meal the flavor wanted.

And yes the OFM cooks it.

And there it is, the gormit brakefast for the OFM Teams Glorious Leader.

Now let us get on with the fishing information. Our neighbor and his wife went to Packery Channel fishing in this incredibly horrible cold wet weather this afternoon and filled two limits of delicious   black drum.  That was not chicken from Walmart on their grill tonight. So you see fish catching has not been stopped by the weather.

Speaking of fishing, the OFM got into one of his simplifying modes this afternoon. Out came all the lure boxes. Every lure style that has not been producing well in the last two years is no longer with us. 

That emptied several lure boxes and what remained fit into only one box. The only lures left are in the far left box. The other boxes will be used for storing some art supplies and toe nail clippings or whatever else that happens to need a small home.

On the art front, yesterdays failure was piddled with some more and it was decided that the back of the picture is now designated as a page for experimenting for education of mixing water colors.

This afternoon our oldest electric heater lost a bearing in the fan after eight years. So a trip to Walmart was made and we now have a new heater to assist in keeping the Castle and the Teams warm in this horrible weather.

It seems like there is always plenty of chores to do but we do not let that stop us from trying to have tooooo much fun.

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