Morning Sun


Weather Front Comes to Visit


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 30, 2023

No walk today as we had chores to do about the dehumidifier not working. So we packed it up and went to Walmart to trade it for another one. The return went very well and a new one was in the basket shortly. Then we wandered Walmart a bit and realized we could do most of our food shopping while we were there this morning. So we unloaded lots of shelves and headed for the checkout. It was busy but just as we walked up a checkout spot opened right in front of us.

Checking out went well and we even found where we had parked soon. Back at the Castle we sorted out our goods and put them away. After checking the purchases against the grocery list on the table we patted our self on the back for a job well done.

Then it was off to Burger King for lunch but as we went down the road the clouds started closing in on our area. Just before going inside the OFM took this picture of of the front arriving in town.

The weather chilled down a little but still was nice enough to get out and about with a bit of shopping. Back at the Castle we checked and a couple of mail order packages had been delivered at the office so we went over and claimed them.

Back at the Castle some coloring was done and some messing around on the computer was done.

Tomorrow we hope to get updated and CORRECT news on the future eye treatment plan. We will see what happens on that issue.

That is about it for tonight. Every one have fun preparing for the Christmas season that starts tomorrow. MERRY CHRISTMAS