Morning Sun


Too long In One Place


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 23, 2023

The cold damp weather was very overcast today. When we got near the soccer field we grabbed this picture of the sun shining on the players.

We got in about a 2 mile walk but the picture pickings were slim. We thought this leaf was pretty neat the way it has developed. All the rest of them on the tree were ugly the way they had aged.

Along the way we spotted this rotting tree. We have been watching it for several years but it is a bit wobbly now so we got a pic of it inside and outside. Here is the outside shot.

Then we carefully stuck the camera inside with the flash turned on and got this in the first shot. We did not try again as the tree was wiggling around.

We ended up making some very good stoup that was pork chops, potatoes, rice and Lawlers BBQ sauce. It is not real good BBQ sauce but it is pretty good as salad dressing and stoup flavoring. It has a low level tanginess to it.

We did a bit more getting ready to roll on Monday. It looks like we will be fighting cold the first three nights out then it gets warmer and we are happy about that. We are having careful thoughts about if we will stay out here as long next year. The cold seems to penetrate the older OFM body worse this year.

In the mean time be careful about preparations since it has been so long since we last rolled to new adventures. We got here June 1 according to our records. Too much time in one spot we think.

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