Morning Sun


All Fixed Now


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 13, 2023

What a day it has been! Yep another of one of them days again. No walk again due to an early truck repair appointment. We were right on time and so was the Pep Boys shop in Decatur. They did what they promised in the time frame they promised and with extremely pleasant conversations and answering the OFM questions. Their price seems high though but Sierra is running just fine again.

This got us to thinking of hitting the road tomorrow so we went to trying to line up reservations on the week ahead. BIG DON'T WORK out on the reservations. Thanksgiving folks have them all made. So we will do some more planning to see what we can come up with.

The OFM spent an hour or so trying to reset the clock in Sierra from the information in the owners manual. We got nowhere with that. So onto the Internet to see what we could find out and immediately found a bit of a video explaining and showing what to do. Ten minutes later Sierra's clock was set properly again. The manual used generic terms and assumed the owner knew what certain knobs were named even though the knobs had no name printed on or near them. The video showed the dash board and identified the knobs and from knowing that the reset was a two minute effort and very easy. Basically all the trouble was caused by a badly written vehicle manual.

Tomorrow we plan to do a serious rethink of our situation and make some decisions about travel in the near future. Also the OFM NEEDS to get to the grocery store since we have almost no food left in the trailer.

At least we have all the repairs to vehicles complete now so that headache is over with. Now we can focus on out future plans and the wild fun ahead of us soon. Have tooooo much fun if you can,


  1. Manuals are a mixed bag. You Tube has rescued me more than once.

  2. Hey Barney, just wanted to let you know I still use your favorite expression. "You can never have too much fun!" Keep on keeping on! Froggi Donna

    1. Good morning Froggie. Glad to hear from you. Be safe and keep writing your books.

    2. Working on a Christmas mystery right now while cruising. Hugs, my friend!