Morning Sun


Fighting Mold and Mildew


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 29, 2023

We made it safely through the freeze last night and had a beautiful bright blue skies again. Supposedly the freeze weather is over for a couple of weeks now.

Jerry our lunch buddy and the OFM went to his walking area and got in about a mile of walking at a good pace. It was nice to have a companion to visit with while walking for a change.

Walmart was visited by the teams and made a good bit richer before we left. The big item we got was a dehumidifier like the one we had last year that we sold when we headed for the desert. We hare hoping the lowered humidity inside the Castle will help with the OFM and his allergy troubles.

Now a question for our readers. The OFM is considering using canned cooked chicken and beef when we finally get to head out west. We have zero experience with those two canned meats and would like to know anything we might need to know about using them when boondocking out yonder. Please respond in the comments section if you have some advice for us. Thank you.

We will be glad when we find out more about the OFM eye troubles and what is going to need to happen. We are tired of making glorious plans and getting all excited just to have the plans blasted into nothing at the last minute again.

We plan to get busy with some Christmas present shopping tomorrow and see how it works out. In the mean time everyone have a lot of fun and Merry Christmas.


  1. I"ve made chicken salad sandwiches with canned chicken, and picky women friends liked it fine. It's also good for creamed chicken on toast. Probably lots of things that could be done with it. No experience with canned beef.

  2. Open can.
    Heat (optional).
    Eat chicken.

  3. I've used canned chunked chicken for years, especially in salads. Otherwise, Spam when fried for breakfast is the only other canned protein (other than tuna).