Splattered Plans Again


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 12, 2023

What a day it has been! As of about 1500 this afternoon we cancelled our planned trip again. There is trouble with Sierra that will hopefully have Sierra safe and reliable to roll across the country after a day at the truck hospital tomorrow. Perhaps the over 140,000 miles on it is contributing to our delay but we will wait until the truck doctors finish their work tomorrow and are sure it is safe.

Then this morning we went to tell the campground folks of changes in our plans due to Sierra and ran into my old neighbor here in the park. He is an eye doctor of many years and was following the OFM and his eye troubles from when he tried to knock his right eye out of his head in August of 2022. He asked about my eye recoveries and we talked a bit then he looked at my eye up close. His next words were something like you need to come see me at the office where I have the right equipment to tell you what is going on. He and the OFM have a mutual respect for experience in fields of work of folks. The OFM had been thinking of looking him up for help already this morning and there he was. So now we will be heading over to his place in Arab Alabama to get a new opinion on what to do with our eye troubles.

Well that takes us out of travels until the OFM feels like we can safely travel again.

And this is how the second set of travel plans got blown away today. So everyone let us just relax a bit and get a good rest tonight so we will be fresh for the next pile of trouble we have to battle.

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