Morning Sun


Plans Made Again


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 21, 2023


The OFM woke to more rain and minor flooding this morning.

He realized that he had been making travel plans for a Thanksgiving week without considering the crowds of fast moving folks on the roads during that time period. A couple of visits with local folks convinced the OFM it was the wrong time to travel the highways.

This evening already, we have a new routing planned and have made camping plans along the planned route to Falcon Lake Texas. It was astonishing how much easier it was to find sites where and when we wanted them for the week after Thanksgiving week than the week before Thanksgiving week. With the forecast calling for cold nights we chose to get electric sites at Texas state parks for the last three nights of the traveling. Once we get to Falcon Heights County Park it is all boondocking and free.

It feels great to finally (we hope) have all this straightened out as we close in on getting rolling again. If we get in our usual area, we will be about a mile and a half from the Mexico/Texas border. Goodness we do like the dry desert camping in Texas.

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