Morning Sun


Innerd Difficulty


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 3, 2023

The OFM has had a rough day of feeling less than the best so we have a simple blog entry for tonight. The day was so pretty when we walked that we just naturally had to record some of the nice points along the trail for us all to enjoy.

Here they are in no special order. The sunlight seemed to really be putting on a show for us this morning and we hope it shows through.

We hope you enjoyed the trail pictures. It was a nice day for a gentle walk in the trees.

Lunch was at Burger King with buddy Jerry. He is a life long local fellow and know every detail about this area for the last 70 years. And he is a very nice person.

He is guiding the OFM to places of interest in the area.

The road in front of the BK was one big traffic mess as you can see in the next picture.

Jerry and the OFM visited until the big traffic jam cleared out and we went on our separate ways today.

The OFM was supposed to go to a gymnastics competition that grand daughter Piper is participating in tomorrow. However a bug has gotten to the OFM innerds and he cancelled himself for the two hour drive down to it and then back later in the day. We will get the whole story in person soon we hope.

But we did get to eat the sandwich the OFM bought when we grocery shopped this morning. We had planned to stop on the long drive back from Trussville Al. to eat it but it disappeared tonight instead.

And that pretty well covers the day. The good news is that the OFM is starting to feel more like a decent human again as the sickness is starting to wear off tonight. OK everyone the OFM Team will be working hard at having tooooo much fun tomorrow. Try to keep up.

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