TOOOOOOO OLD to waste time.


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 9, 2023

As we were walking this morning and considering our near future and rolling out next week, we realized we are at the moment that we need to take a careful inventory on everything to be sure we are well stocked for the new adventures. So after the walk we started to inventory food and other things to see what we needed to replace or add for the couple of boon docking nights and one campground night next week. It turned out that so far we need several things and tomorrow we will hit up the Walmart to get fully supplied for four days of rolling down to Goose Island. This will be a good refresher course for the more westerly traveling where stores are less abundant.

Then when we get to Goose Island we have five days to practice camping again to be ready for the big loop in the west. We do not plan to be in any really cold weather but it might sneak up on us so the OFM has been refreshing his small brain about how we kept warm in our many adventures in the past. This blog sure helps with that chore.

Our testing of the 12volt systems is showing that they are all in great shape. The batteries are showing full capacity like when new and the solar panels are putting out near maximum design charging to the batteries. We think all the LED lighting is a major help with that electric usage drop since our early days of boondocking in 2007. This is feeling rather exciting since we have been stuck here for an extra four months waiting our turn in the repair shop.

We are definitely excited to be on the verge of getting to roll down the road again. We lost eight months of travel time with the fall that damaged the OFM right eye over a year ago and then this year the repair shop delays of right at four months. A whole year gone and the OFM is tooooo OLD to be wasting years instead of trying to have toooooo much fun.

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