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Small Turtles


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 5, 2023

It was not the best health day for the OFM but we did get in a nice cool walk along the shore of Flint Creek. As you will see the water level is about three feet lower today. That is in preparation to handle the usual spring flooding rains when they come.

Here is where we could access the shore line to see how much water is no longer here.

These tall trees really emphasize the trees against the bright blue sky.

And to our surprise we saw turtles out and about again. They went and hid out during the cold weather last week. We really liked the reflections of the small turtles. This was a telephoto shot and the turtles were small ones about 8 inches long.

We had a lot of healing time today. Some good effort on a new coloring was done and it should be ready in a few days. We are into the touch up phase of the coloring effort but that is always slow going.

The OFM thinks he may be well by tomorrow and we would be glad of that to happen. Then we could get back out trying to have tooooo much fun again.

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