Big Nothing Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 1, 2023

The morning walk was miserably cold and breezy so the OFM cut it back to only 1.7 miles. The camera got no use today.

So we had time to mess around with some coloring exploration about techniques. Well that followed the pattern already established and the only value we found is that we now know to NOT use those techniques for our style of coloring.

After lunch we did a bit more getting ready to roll next week but the Boondork ( http://www.theboondork.com/mainphp ) hit the road today for his winter 6 months of playing out west. At least we know the OFM rig is ready to roll when our turn gets here next week.

Probably the best thing today was the long nap the OFM took this afternoon. He set an alarm for a thirty minute nap and awoke later to find the alarm had alarmed and he slept on.

We know for sure that tomorrow will have some grocery shopping involved in it after lunch.

And that is about all there was to today. Everyone go out and try to have some fun to make up for the OFM slacking off again.

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