Careful Preparations


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 16, 2023

It was another wonderful walk this morning but the sun was so bright it overwhelmed the camera abilities for most of the pictures we took. This was the third picture taken and the sun is the glaring bright splatter in the picture. The pics after this one were all washed out enough to be worthless from the brightness. This is the first time in all our years of photography to have this happen.

After the walk we started to straightening up some of the storage areas of the Castle. Mainly we were looking for more stuff to get rid of before our next travels got going in a few days. We ended up getting side tracked by winter items.

The Castle has carried us through many camping temps in the less than 25f range without a trouble at all. But we feel it is still smart to make sure we have the right gear with us on new adventures. Just last Christmas time here in Point Mallard we had three days of 3F mornings and 17f days. Since we had electric heating available it was not a big deal for the Castle. As most of our readers know we got rid of the onboard forced air furnace several years ago. Now we heat with elec when it is available or LPG gas when no 120 volt plug in is available.

We plan to be boondocking on the Rio Grande this winter where we could have a few cold days like a couple of years ago when we got caught in a week of low teens temperatures for highs. As we plowed through our supplies that were in the front right closet we found us to be in pretty good shape for the cold weather if it happens again.

We have a very short list of items to add to replace things that looked a bit worn.

After a year and a half of being hamstrung by personal injuries and failing parts of the Castle it almost feels odd to be getting ready to actually be a rolling RVer again. But we still have to be cautious since the OFM is a lot older than before and the Castle has been on the road for over 16 years now.

But we still are planning trying to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. I applaud your drive to keep traveling. I am a few years younger and have the energy, health to travel like that BUT I would not be able to remember the "pre-flight" steps needed every time either sitting up camp or hitting the road. Anymore I am not sure there is warm weather anywhere in the USA in the winter time.

    1. Check the average temps in in south Texas around Corpus Christi and Del Rio. Lots of miles of road biking in the Del Rio area that I have done.