Morning Sun


Piper Gymnastics Report


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 4, 2023

The OFM has had a decent day of feeling less bad hour by hour as the day has gone along. This morning a delayed walk time let the cold air turn to nice cool air and the walk was wonderful with lots of bright sunshine.

We took it pretty easy and started planning our next rolling attempt. There sure is a lot of options out there to consider. We have chosen to leave on the day our rent is due here at Point Mallard Campground, November 15, and head back to Rockport Texas to visit a few old friends for a couple of days. Arrival there is scheduled for November 18 at Goose Island State Park in Texas for five days. Then we will roam for a few weeks and MAYBE go back to Point Mallard for a couple of weeks around Christmas and head out roaming again right after that. We are hoping that this next year will let us roam without so many constraints as last year seemed to have such as eye troubles and rv repairs waiting on service time to be available. Our current thought is to get back to grandkid land for a few months about June 1 again like last Spring. It will be interesting to see if the OFM Teams still like the open free spirited roaming that came to a halt with the Aug.23, 2022 fall that started the medical eye trouble that is still dragging along. Old folks falling is NOT a good thing.

And here is the fresh in good news just in.. Grandkid Piper came in third in her gymnastics performance. We are very proud of her competition efforts.

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