Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Holler Through The Door

Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 19, 2023

Tap, Tap, Tap gently on the Castle door. OF course nobody knocks on the Castle door unless the OFM is changing clothes. So he hollers through the door that he will be there in a minute. The nice lady was waiting when the door was opened to a clothed OFM thank goodness.

She is a very pleasant blog reader that happened to be here in Point Mallard and tracked us down. We had a bit of chat and then the OFM noticed her husband still in the truck and we all had some more conversation and hope to meet again tomorrow morning when their doggy gets walked. The OFM thinks it will be a very nice visit and is looking forward to it.

When we turned onto the maintenance road next to the soccer field it showed us a beautiful day.

And the rest of the day was just as nice and cool.

Some plant has these big red berries each year but this year a huge amount of them have shown off in bright red all at once. They are really pretty and glowing when you are up close to them,

Towards the end of the walk we caught this picture of sunlight coming through the leaves from the back. On top of that the four leaves are each in a different phase of turning colors. We thought it was a neat picture of mother nature at work.

And then as we were on our way back the sun angle had changed and this side path opening became very attractive to the OFM. Maybe some of our readers will like it also.

More piddling with art stuff, lunch with Jerry and a bit of getting ready to roll next Sunday occupied our afternoon. Even the 20# propane bottles were checked to see how much we have remaining in them. One bottle is full. The other we have been using for several months. The best we can recall we switched to it early this year. When the OFM held it up and swished it around it was obviously over half full still so we will not need to fill it before we roll. When we are on hookups the only LPG we use is a stove burner on very seldom occasion when we cook stoup. Electric is used for comfort heating and heating water in the water heater since elec is included in our monthly $580 bill.

Tomorrow will be a good day for trying to have tooooo much fun. 


  1. Sounds like a good day. I'm taking a guess that those red berries are from a smilax vine. But I'm not that sure....smilax berries are supposed to be edible, but I don't trust my ID well enough to try them myself. And maybe the berries are on that bush and not that vine. Oh well. Never mind.

    1. I will attempt to get close enough to tell what they grow on tomorrow.

  2. The red berries are on a shrub of some sort.