Plans Cancelled


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 2, 2023

The OFM got out in the cold this morning and did about 1.6 miles of walking and serious thinking about his situation. He had a major desire to hit the road real soon as you know. He also wanted to be here for the Holidays so as to enjoy being a Grandpa. As he walked and thought it seemed like several things just would not work out for all the wants to happen. So when he got back to the computer he started putting together a schedule plan. To shorten this post. We canceled all the plans we had started to set up starting with leaving next week and started with a more realistic wish list. So anything we posted lately about going somewhere and when we would do it is now removed from our planning. It was just too much and involved too much long distance multi-day travels. POOF it is all gone now.

Our hopes were just toooooo big for our britches.

What is the new plan? The new plan is to stick here in Decatur around family until after December 25 then we can go wander wherever we want to without needed such stringent planning. And with our family stringent planning is a definite never mind. Enjoying the season will be much better if we can relax about schedules and time limits etc.

A new approach to Stoup was tried tonight and it worked very well. Instead of using fresh vegetables we used canned vegetables. Boondocking the OFM way makes keeping fresh vegetables for stoup a bit difficult. So tonight we used canned vegetables and frozen meat for the stoup. Here is the vegetables we used.

Our meat is small pork chops with the fat trimmed off and the meat cubed for cooking.

It turned out very well for when traveling. The excess from the pot full goes into containers placed in the freezer for later meals.

And to ease the frustrations the OFM did a bit of coloring this evening to get his mind settled down with the new travel planning.

We keep thinking that allowing more time for grankid/grandpa interaction is a great choice we have made. Everyone please have some extra fun tomorrow.


  1. "Family first" is always a good plan!

  2. The Stoup looks great, a handful of rice, barley, or broken pasta pieces would go nicely in there as well.
    Wise to stay until after the holidays, more relaxing for everyone.


    1. I agree. The brown rice I usually put in it is on my shopping list for this morning.

  3. P.S. For cooking, I am a big fan of frozen chopped onions. All frozen vegetables that a person likes. No chopping. I'm interested in low labor. So cans of beans, etc and frozen chopped peppers, onions, etc. If a whole bag of the frozen ones isn't used, it can just go back in the freezer well sealed up. Whew, no work! My favorite thing.

    1. I use fresh, chopped, frozen and canned according to what is in stock when I purchase supplies.