Fresh Oil For Sierra


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 22, 2023

First thing this wet and cold morning was to go get Sierra some fresh oil to carry around in the engine. $75 later Walmart was richer and the OFM Teams were poorer. But a decent aside from that is the OFM did a bunch of walking inside the Walmart to get in about a mile in spite of the shoppers.

When we left the oil change the OFM finally remembered we have been planning on buying some more insulating foam to put in the front bedroom window again. So a quick turn and we were at Home Depot and they had what we needed, so now they are 12$ better off and we have foam to put into the window to keep the Castle warmer.

Here is a picture of the window and foam we like to have in it. We never open this window and the previous foam had been in it since sometime in 2009. Mold had started on the old foam so it was time to replace it.

The OFM needs his antihistamine to breathe these days but the OTC tablet size knocks him out if taken as manufactured. So the loratadine

tablet is cut into two pieces by hand. Then the OFM takes a half tablet twice a day and gets to stay awake when he is supposed to be awake and also gets to breathe to stay alive for a few more minutes. Cutting the pills into pieces is a very careful and precise operation the OFM applys to the tablet one at a time. This next picture shows the very precise method we have developed to get exactly half tablets to use.

Lunch was interesting since lunch buddy Jerry asked about solar panels. We spent about an hour explaining all about the panels and how he would use them if he decided to try his idea. The OFM enjoys teaching folks that want to learn.

At lunch there was a good bit of discussion about Thanksgiving dinner each of us was going to have. Jerry is not a cook. But the OFM has a great idea for himself for tomorrow for his lunch and it involves BBQ sauce. If we live through it you will get to see what happens tomorrow night on this blog.

And finally we have a new coloring to display that we finished a day or three ago. This is a small art work about 3x4 inches.

And now the teams need to get some solid rest to be ready to fight the cold wet outside weather tomorrow as we try to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. Ask the pharmacist for a pill cutter. They may give it to you or may charge a small fee. It will save you so much grief!!!!! Happy turkey day.

  2. I read somewhere (on the internet of course) that bubble wrap can just be cut to size and slapped on a window for insulation. I have a roll of it and mean to try it on a few windows in this old house. A cheap investment, and it lets in light, which I really like. So we'll see if it works. Of course that was last winter, and I can't remember if you're supposed to make the window pane a bit moist or what. I'll let you know if I have a stunning success....Ha.

    1. Yes that works a bit. You might find it interesting to research how much r factor difference there is between foam and bubble wrap that covers only part of the window pane with insulating material.