Morning Sun


Chilly Day


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 15, 2023

A fairly busy day it was for the Teams. This morning the walk was a mite chilly, so the rain jacket the OFM carried with us was very welcome to cut the breeze back.

Our final (for the moment) travel plan was finished and turned in to the office so they will know to watch the empty site and keep folks from camping there and giving us trouble when we return.

Some more work on the latest coloring was done. This next coloring has lots of gradient shading and is taking a lot longer than we expected it to take.

In the meantime enjoy this new coloring named Yellow Lillies.


And last and far from least we hopped to it this afternoon and made five meals of chicken stoup. To our surprise it turned out very well.

So now we need to start preparations for the trip back down south into Texas to meet old friends Don and Patsy in Rockport. We are supposed to arrive November 29 for six days.

After that we plan to find the Rio Grande River and boondock near it for a few days then head back to Alabama to be there for Christmas time.

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