Extremely (For Us) Detailed Plans Revealed


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 7, 2023

Today was our official start getting ready to move day. After five and a half months in this one location due to travel trailer service unavailability we had sort of sprawled out over what feels like 3.5 acres. How about the camping site for real? Any way we headed out to a nice walk and found ourselves without a camera. We ended up taking a route it has been years since we took all the short cut routes around here and had a great time meandering all over the place. The best we can remember when we got on Goggle to plot the distance it came out to about 3 miles of miscellaneous meandering. It was great weather and a fantastic health walk also.

After getting showered and organized it was time to hit the road for lunch. Lunch buddy showed up and we had a long good talk of places and folks we each knew.

From there the OFM Teams hit up a store or three with a short list of things we needed to procure for our trip south and then back northward sort of. For the moment our plans in order of happening places is Goose Island State Park near Rockport Texas, then Falcon Lake Texas, then Amistad National Recreation Area@ Del Rio, Texas. From there we hope to meander up to the Elephant Butte area of New Mexico and from there head back across New Mexico then Texas toward Decatur Alabama. We do not have a list of Targets of Interest past Falcon Lake Texas. Who knows what strange and delightful things the OFM Teams will find meandering the deserts this winter and spring. Our final planned location for now is Decatur Alabama at Point Mallard Campground.

For folks like us and other free spirited travelers that is plenty of planning. Now just take the freshly repaired Castle and show it some new sights. Sure sounds like a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Something I've wanted to see and not made it to yet is SETI in Magdalena, NM. The big field of radio telescopes they point ...

    1. I have been there now and then and it is a good stop. There is a huge amount of boondock camping in nice mountains all around there.