Morning Sun


Foliage Colors Again


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: November 17, 2023

A little brisk at first this morning so the OFM switched to a baseball cap for warmth on his bald head. Some of the regulars on the trail noted the change in head wear. It made for nice discussions while on the trail.

Today we noticed a special feature of this area. A couple of weeks ago we thought the color season was over. But lately there has been a lot of color again. The difference is one kind of vegetation would change leaf colors for a day or three and fall off the tree or other foliage. Then another model of foliage would change and repeat etc. This morning we had about three different color items. One on their last day or two. Another in full glory. And yet another just starting. But there are still a couple of full green items going strong. So our fall show is lasting several weeks. Here is three different colorations for you. The first two are different trees showing off and the third is some ground cover attracting attention.

Then when we got back in the campground we grabbed a shot from the back end of the loop we are on. It looks like a lot of other large campgrounds in the USA. We are the last site on the left as the street turns left.

We got lucky in that the curve fits the backing curve we need to slide the Castle straight into its site with no hassle at all. And any minor adjustments we might need are on the driver side in plain view while backing. It is darn near to being a miracle it seems to us.

We have a bit cooler weather coming very soon and the wet front is arriving as we type. The weather is supposed to be a bit less than perfect but still workable for the next few days. We are thinking lately it is time to get out and try some more Mexican food pretty soon. That might be a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun again. We are pretty good at that you know.

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