Yellow Tree Flowers


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 19, 2023

Did you know that live oak trees have weird medium size flowers on them at times? We noticed several of them around the park today so we finally had to grab a pic of one of them.

The morning was really beautiful as you can see from this picture of the pier just before we went for a walk on it.

The plan was to use the pier as our walking trail without mosquitoes. The wind was just enough to keep the mosquitoes blown away. All we needed to do is walk a few laps to get in enough distance for our wants. Well it did not work out very well for that. It is only a .3 mile distance and at every fourth step more nice folks wanted to visit. So we made one lap and it took an hour with all the friendly folks. However it was a very entertaining time on the pier if you like meeting very friendly folks.

While we were out at the end of the pier we took this picture of part of the waterfront camper row. They are very popular camping locations that are seldom clear for a drive up camper to get a sight. The lady at the office said that they as booked months in advance normally for all weekends not just special holidays.

We bet the rigs are badly salt encrusted when they leave the campground after a couple of days of salt air condensing on the rig.

For those that do not know you can tell a female blue crab from a male crab by looking at the crab claw tips. The girls wear red fingernail polish and the boys are shades of black, gray and dark green normally. Here are a couple of small blue crab claws we found on the handrail this morning.

Someone had apparently used the crab body for fish bait and left the claws for the sea gulls. Look at the tips of the claws and see the red tips. Definitely from a female crab. Be aware that even small claws like these can open you up like a freshly sharpened carving knife. We have experiences in seeing the results of a careless crab handler getting educated in handling live crabs.

The Friday evening special CFS at the Vallarta Mexican Restaurant was very good and over half is in the refrigerator for lunch tomorrow. YAHOOOOO

In the meantime everyone have a great day trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Geez. Doesnt anybody eat crabs anymore?

    1. MOMs seafood shop at the Rockport Marina does a good business in eating size crabs as well as shrimp and fishbait.