Corn Preferred


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 5, 2023

Lunch at the Whataburger was long thanks to meeting two extremely nice Rvers there today. They are from Georgia and very pleasant folks to visit. Mike and Karen, thank you for the very nice visit.

As usual we got to walk at Memorial Park in Rockport. The weather was a bit warm but a nice breeze made it decent walking WITHOUT MOSQUITOES. We were later in the morning today so very few folks were out to give Howdies. One of the resident locals did stop long enough to have his picture taken with a big smile.

The walk was very nice but the OFM was a bit slow due to some leg aches. We will not call it pains exactly since we think it was sore muscles from the faster pace yesterday. The exercise equipment provided at the exercise equipment shade area works very well and the OFM was careful to be reasonable with his extra exercise today. We will see what tomorrow brings forth for his body.

The Castle has been mainly closed up the last couple of days due to the warm temps and HIGH humidity. We have the thermostat set at 81F so the AC doesn't make it too chilly inside. The OFM prefers it about 81F in his old age now as long as we keep a fan BLOWING air around inside.

The CFS special tonight at Vallartas was OK but they had green beans instead of corn for the special. We much prefer the whole kernel corn.

Next week is get Sierra a new Texas inspection certificate. The on the fourteenth we roll out to Goose Island State Park for twelve days as we start the journey to Grandkid Land and the eye doctor.

The weekend crowd is not too bad yet this evening so we expect to have a relatively easy time of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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