Leak Repair Hopes


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 11, 2023

It was late morning before the OFM Walking Team was ready to get out and about. With rolling time fast approaching we did some thinking about the next few weeks and Alabama fun coming. Grandkid land is never dull for longer than three seconds so you better be ready.

So we hit the Rockport Beach area ready to walk in the 20 mph wind that kept the mosquitoes away form the OFM legs for the whole walking and meandering effort. For some reason the OFM legs felt like brisk walking this morning and we stepped lively for a much longer time than normal. We made it a neat meander even we were in the same territory as we have been many times. We crossed back and forth checking things out that were new and old. It was a wonderful pile of meandering without a major defined goal.

By the time we got home the OFM was a sweaty, salty, tired and thrilled fool. It was wonderful to have such a free of defined required meander again. And the warm shower sure was nice.

Then it was off to lunch at Whataburger in Aransas Pass where it was nice and peaceful in the store. A short trip to Walmart about a block away let us decide on the path toward roof leak repair. Since the OFM was doing so well physically we decided to give the roof leak area a careful exam again and see what to try next. That turned out to be great thinking we think.

The last caulk repair was done under duress of soon to arrive rain. Today we had time to much more carefully examine the trouble section of the roof. What we found is several very small holes in the caulk and a few unnoticed before caulk cracks. But this time we had the ability to carefully examine the probable leak area, so we are confident we found at least most of the pin holes in the caulk. Supposedly tomorrow will be more rain to test this attempt.

With over 100,000 miles in all sorts of places and 18 years of continuous use on the Castle we do expect to have maintenance repairs to be needed.

We will be moving to Goose Island State Park on Sunday for thirteen days and then start our trip to Alabama where we have a site waiting for the Teams to settle for a bit of eye doc visit and grand kid visiting.

It should be a very nice summer for trying to have tooooo much fun and planning.


  1. Whoa. It does look windy. A very wet weekend is predicted here...we could of course, really really use it.

  2. Yep a light breeze was howling onto shore.