Fall Bench


GISP Loooooong Pier


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 15, 2023

It has been a busy day and near the end of the daylight we decided we would get a story out on the LOOOOONG fishing pier here at Goose Island State Park (GISP). So here we go. In the parking area for the pier is a sign that shows many of the types of fish you will see in this area of the bays.

A short walk from the parking is the entry to the long pier.

We are going all the way to the end tonight. The pier length as measured on Goggle Maps is about 1/3 of a mile from entry point to far end.

The nice wide pier was rebuilt after Hurricane Harvey made a mess of the area a few years ago.

The pier is built across several sand bars with deeper guts between the bars sort of like a beach bottom develops.

Shortly after getting on down the pier a little was is a section of the pier that is lighted for night fishing. It is a very convenient way to enjoy fishing in the summer when the daytime highs get into the high 90s.

In several appropriate locations there are steps down to the sand bars so wade fishing can be done along the gut next to the bar. Notice in this next photo that the bottom is visible on this side of the stair down. Please be very careful when using a stair as they are slimy and very slippery. And the oyster shells can slice you open badly during a fall.

And finally we arrive at the end of the pier. The end of the pier is very near the main gut that the power boats from the GISP boat ramp use to head out into the massive abundance of good fishing area available only by boat.

A special item of interest about this pier is that when Rockport has a fireworks event back at the Beach Park, the fireworks can easily be seen from the end of the pier right here and it is a really neat event to witness on a black night this far from shore. It made for a good date night over 20 years ago.

Now it is time for a shower and some serious sleeping to be ready for tooooo much fun again tomorrow.