Ray Fish Visit


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 4, 2023

The vegetation along the walking paths in the Municipal Park has really taken off in the last three days. Three days ago the OFM could see well into the alongside foliage with no trouble. Now it is a wall of leaves and other stuff that normal human vision cannot penetrate along side almost of the path. WoW.

The temps were almost cool and we got in a bit over a mile and a half before quitting.

A large white dog saw the OFM coming towards it on the trail and decided we needed to meet. So he dragged his old nice lady owner over so he could get some petting. We have to give her credit for trying to stop the dog but the dog was way to strong for her. The good news is the pup was wonderfully nice. The bad news is we think the old lady sprained an ankle a little bit trying to control the pup. But the dog petting went very well and once the dog got its fill, it told me thank you and away he went dragging his owner. It was a very nice dog encounter,

We got in some afternoon fishing today. We went to the beach park at the far end where the Allegro Channel runs. The nice surprise is the repairs to this area included a rework of the Allegro Channel jetty to bring it back to good shape. It is blocked off from walking and fishing for now but will be a major improvement when completed. It was in pretty rough shape just two weeks ago but not now.

While we were fishing near that spot in the picture above we got to see a ray cruising around the bay shallows. We could not tell what kind of ray it was but it looked to be at least 18 inches across to us. The OFM has caught a few rays in that area in the past. It is a guarantee that an 18 inch ray will let you know that it is not a sissy on the end of a fishing rod. We used this fishing effort to evaluate Fish Bites for use as bait. Yes they work and work well is our conclusion. They are cheaper than buying shrimp etc fresh bait and still do a good job. We got ours at the Walmart fishing area.

We tried the Whataburger grilled chicken apple salad for supper tonight and it was very good.

We bought it as take out and sure enough it was big enough to make a meal tomorrow as well as tonight. It was premade but still very fresh. We will be eating it again.

That's about it for tonight. It was a pretty good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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