Good Rolling Today


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 14, 2023

We took our time getting the rig ready to roll this morning. We needed to wait until our new site would be clear and check out time is 1100 at the state park. So we piddled around and had everything we could ready early. When 1030 came up on the clock we gently went to work putting the rig together for rolling. The great news is EVERYTHING went together just like it needed to be and EVERYTHING worked like it was supposed to. Around this salt environment the electrical connections are a normal trouble spot.

We carefully pulled out of our spot for the last few weeks and rolled gently down the road. When we got to Hwy35 the OFM seemed to have his towing ability back in shape so when we turned right onto the highway we gently accelerated to our normal towing speed of 60 mph and everything rolled smoothly to the State Park thirty minutes away.

Check in did not go smoothly due to the SP computer having fits but they got it fixed and we got checked in. We were once again reminded by the vegetation that there is a lot of it and to watch for overhead obstructions. Here is a cute tree limb hanging across the road.

We slowly made our way to our camp site and the OFM kinda got nervous about the backing maneuvering required. We had to back into a site that was angled a bit the wrong way so we had a bit of a blind corner to back into. However it quickly showed that the park had to have the angle like it was to dodge an obstruction so they made the entry a nice amount wider. After the OFM got the Castle started turning he figured out what had been done and the rest of the back-in went very nicely and only needed the one try.

The site was a good black top paving and we only needed one 2x6 of leveling on the door side. In other words a very well designed site from all aspects. Here is the front yard and we shortly had the set up finished.

The site is water/elec and no sewer. The dump station is well designed and will not be a trouble if we need it before we roll again in 12 days.

We had one visitor early in the set up and she was very polite.

For some reason the OFM was nervous about this tow but he handled it just fine even with his right eye needing some more doctoring when we get to Alabama. But we are in good shape for a nice restful night in preparation for trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. I am so glad the day went well for you. For sure you will be glad to have your eye evaluated. And what a beautiful photo of your visitor! Looks like a really nice site for you to spend your next few days in,

  2. Good to read that it went well and you are settled in!!