Strong Storm Today


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 9, 2023

It was a decent morning for walking with a very strong wind for blowing mosquitoes away. About two laps of the area at the far end of the beach park was the limit since light rain started to fall.

The OFM Teams went on back to the Castle to work on our attempted routing for the trip to grand kid land. While working on that effort the rain picked up noticeably with a lot more wind and plenty of lightning. Since it was lunch time we hopped into Sierra and headed to Aransas Pass. About the moment we got on the highway the storm really intensified. We slowed down to 40 mph and the other cars also slowed down. It was a really nasty thick rainfall and we were getting nervous as the ditches were starting to run over and flood the highway. When we got to the Whataburger in Aransas Pass we pulled into a parking spot at the front of the lot. We then noticed the water from the main road was flowing over the ditch and on over the Whataburger curb creating Whataburger Lake inside the curbing. We chose to make out way over to the Walmart parking lot and roamed around for a bit until we found the highest spot in the Walmart property. There we sat for about 35 minutes of storm water building up in the public street finally flooding out vehicles.

After the lightning and rain slacked off we watched the water slowly recede until we braved the flooding and went back to Whataburger for lunch two hours late. When we left several public authorities were out on the highway and side roads showing folks where to drive to stay out of the high water. From here we went back to the Castle and waited out some more storming.

Since we had internet just fine the OFM used the time to search for us a route to Alabama with places to stay. There were fresh openings so we now have a route and timing for the trip. That is a big load off the OFM mind.

After a lot of the mess settled we headed over to the marina area to see if they had had damage. Yes but not serious. Here is an example of the many outhouses blown around during the storm.

And here is what water remained on a parking lot that was deep enough we did not drive in it two hours ago.

We are scheduled to pull out of this RV subdivision (campground?) on Mothers day and go to Goose Island State Park for 13 days and then start for Grandkid land.

This evening for a few minutes the OFM threw lures for fish to bite. The Ladyfish accommodated us for about ten minutes and then it started to rain again so we came home. Hopefully the Teams can have a good night of resting up for trying to have toooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Glad you've got your route taken care of! And smart guy to head for high ground during a deluge. We've had rain too...3-5 inches in one evening. Plus the odd half inch here and there, and this weekend is supposed to be serious rain, they say. That would be OK up here. The lake here (our water supply) is up from 50% to 62%. (It's a sizeable lake, so that's a lot of water coming in.)

  2. I use to check lakes water levels. We need the water for crops and humans.

  3. Yes! I love all those sites for checking river and lake levels. Am really fond of them when there's been some rain. When there hasn't.....well, kind of a bummer.