Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Wonderful News Again


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 1, 2023

The camping mess has worked out wonderfully once the OFM got all the facts and could think carefully. When the fiasco of incorrect communication was overcome and the OFM went to work with facts, a hoped for solution worked itself worked out really well.

What we have now is the Teams will be home basing in Decatur Alabama at Point Mallard Campground. A LOT more time will get to be spent in Grandkid land is a major outcome of things. Instead of Rockport Texas we will be doing our travels from Decatur Alabama. This will allow us to head out on a major road going westerly such as I-40. Our loops will be centering a couple of hundred miles more northerly than in the past. We feel like our adventures will very interesting again since it has been years since we were in that area.

Already we have a nice size list of places to hit that have names like Palo Duro Canyon Texas, Witchita Mountains Oklahoma and Gulf Shores Alabama just for starters.

Tomorrow Sierra gets new brake pads on it and and an oil change. Then next week Sierra gets a Texas inspection so we can renew the license on Sierra and we will be ready to roll. Our first destination is to get our spot established in Alabama and then we can make some plans for rolling again. We are hoping to be all settled in and giggling by early June. Then we have the eye surgeon visit to do and find out what will be done with the OFM eyes.

In the meantime we will be putting together a notebook of free boondocking areas in our new meandering area. We are betting we can even take a road trip or two using a motel for overnight locations to add variety to the OFM life of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I like this plan. I think being near family is a good idea, for several reasons. I am still hoping one of these days you will be on I-20!

  2. Sounds like things worked out for the best! Yay!!