Wind Wobble Today


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 12, 2023

An interesting item we noticed during our morning walk at the Beach Park was the puddles still in the sand surfaces and above the seawater level just a few feet away. We were thinking that the puddles would have drained through the sand into the bay waters by now.

We guess that the birds are appreciating the fresh water to wash in and drink. This puddle is about 6 inches deep in the middle.

Another surprise was the presence of a nice flock of skimmers has arrived.

We guess we saw about forty birds in the flock. For some reason we like the behavior of skimmers. They seem to be a well behaved species of birds and definitely exciting to watch a flock of them in free flight. They fly in good formation and do not run into each other like sea gulls.

On the back side of the park we ran into old friend Rodney Jayroe. He is interesting to visit with but be careful on trying to keep up with him on a walk. He knocks out about 5+ miles a day and we cannot keep up. At one point a picnic table nearby provided a nice rest point and a chance for conversation. It was a great visit and then the OFM finished up his walk and Rodney headed on out for a lot more walking.

A slightly disturbing item of the walk today was the balance trouble for the OFM. When we were walking on the pier in the wind the OFM kept on wobbling and needing to use the hand rails to stay properly upright. But later in the day when out in the wind for taking care of a chore the OFM did just fine in the wind. Who knows why? But it is the way things were. I guess old folks just need to be extra careful when trying to have toooooo much fun.


  1. I have never seen skimmers. Probably because I only go to the coast in winter. At least in the last 30 years. Now I want to see them flying. I'm guessing your balance thing might be a leftover from the head bonking, and could gradually go away. But what do I know. I haven't bonked my head and sometimes my balance is just off. Brain gets old....cerebellum I think does the balance stuff. Been a while since I knew that stuff. They say we're about to get a lot of rain. OK by me. Wonder if it will get that far down there. Maybe....

    1. Supposed to be flooding rains here in Rockport tonight.

  2. Getting old is quite an adventure. I know strange things happen to me on occasion. An arm did something weird. My toes went through a spell of being numb. I get kinks in different places at odd times, I hope your being wobbly was just one of those unexplained events. Hopefully neither you nor I will have disastrous weather. Supposedly we are in for rain, too. Wish we could choose to delay some of it until August!