Lot Of Report Tonight


Adventure Locations:

Lake Corpus Christi and Lake Sommerville and Martin Creek Lake SP, Texas

Date: May 29 and 30, 2023

We had no internet while at Lake Sommerville yesterday to write a blog entry. First off yesterday and today are not great days for health but the OFM is doing better today, especially after some very good Mexican Food in Tatum Texas for lunch today.

Yesterday was a not anything went right day but nothing really bad happened either. The OFM was having another health down day so we were extremely careful on our trip from Lake Corpus Christi SP to Birch Creek SP on Lake Sommerville and things went well. (225 miles) We arrived and found that a large number of folks were still enjoying the park but we got a nice site for one night and met some very nice campers.

This morning we got an early start on the 217 mile trip to Martin Creek SP near Tatum Tx. The site here is large and very near a restroom with showers if needed. Tatum is a very small town with a few nice restaurants, a small but reasonably complete grocery and competitive gas prices.

Here is our Martin Creek campsite.

The plan is to leave early tomorrow for Morton Ms.(320 miles) And maybe camp in a I-20 highway rest area for the night. We sill see what happens.

Back to Birch Creek now. When the OFM was married we owned a nice small mobile home in the subdivision next door to the State Park and we kept it very simple so it was easy to care for as a weekend place. As family life changed it got harder to maintain so we sold it and concentrated on high school events and our son. You might recall of him on this blog as Kiddo. Well the current owners are not doing well with the place as we found out by stopping by a couple of days ago and getting this picture.

It is not the OFM's house any more so he just carefully drove away from some fond memories of those days in his life.

That should catch us up to date as of 1656 today. Everyone try to have tooooo much fun please.


  1. I know. Sometimes it feels like it is 1650....when I remember places I've lived. I've been ticklish about visiting the last place I lived 12 years ago. Some very good years there. On the other hand, I've seen the house where I grew up in and am rather calm about it...could have been kept up better over the last 60 years, but hey.....stuff happens. Stay safe....

    1. In the last few years several places from my early years are not desirable to visit any more..

  2. I used to visit Lake Somerville during my years at Aggieland and in the 1970s. Bet its changed alot.