Dumpster Diving Fun


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 18, 2023

Today ended up being a mosquito fighting day. The first three places we tried walking did not workout at all again. So we roamed a good bit. The wind was very calm so the blood suckers were thrilled to be able to land lightly and get sucking before the victim knew what was happening.

No pictures were taken but we did get to visit a few folks. And learn about the raccoons in the campground. When our morning trash run got to the nearly empty dumpster there was a raccoon messing around in the inside of it. The OFM is experienced enough to know all wild animals have serious defense ability so we left it alone. A little later a volunteer was doing a patrol and the OFM stopped him to find out about dumpster diving coons. He told the OFM not to worry. The coons are agile enough to jump from the ground to the top of the dumpsters and strong enough to open the lids to get inside to the coon edibles. He has seen them do it numerous times during his volunteer times at parks. Sure enough we checked again in about an hour and the coon was gone and the tied shut bags were all ripped open.

The best thing that happened today was an accidental 45 minute nap. The OFM back was aching some so he laid down on the bed to think about our traveling future. KAPOW it was suddenly nearly an hour later. Yep it was wonderful.

We have nine more nights here until we have to change campgrounds. So let us kick back and relax until we find out what excitement we will have while trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.


  1. Don't you find that unexpected naps like that yield the very best sleep? Good that you got that nap. Mosquitos are beginning to be a problem here; not a surprise with all the rain we've had.

  2. Raccoons are going to outlive all of us. Mosquitos might too.