Campground Emergency Today

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 24, 2023

We think we are healed from whatever it was making the OFM sickly. Speaking of sickly, as we left for lunch we passed a camping site with a Texas parks truck in the yard, a local fire and EMT truck with flashing lights on the side of the road and another authority vehicle we do not recall the owner of. Then on our way out we pulled over to give an ambulance in full siren and lights coming into the campground room. We have no more information on this event yet.

A bunch of today was going around seeing old memories areas for goodbyes. And we also went over to goodbye a few folks. Nobody was home but Tim and Gabby the pup. I caught them heading out for a nice walk and went along. Then we sat in Tim's houseboat and talked for a good while.

Tim and Gabby

Tim and Gabby are great folk and pup to visit.

A bit of unfinished business took us back to the last campground we were forced out of because they had folks due in the day after we were forced out. Our old spot from a week plus ago was still empty with no new tire tracks in the site. Hmmmmm.

Tonight we went down to the fishing pier to try for another good sunset but it was a no show for the sun due to the heavy clouds. But we had a nice long visit with a lady also photographing things. Her husband was on out the pier catching fish. She and the OFM had been to a lot of the same places over the years. The OFM found out he was out of date on several pieces of information and she was nice enough to politely get the OFM straigtened out on the current way things were. We really appreciated that because we HATE to pass out wrong information.

We have two more nights here at GISP then we move over to Lake Corpus Christi SP for two more nights. Then we start the four days of rolling to GRANDKID LAND and a campsite waiting for us. It has been too long coming but it seems to be coming together finally as another great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I understand what you mean by saying goodbye to good memories and places. I've been doing that lately as well. The list of places I'll never see again seems to be growing more and more lately. Be safe out there Barney, take care.

    1. You to young man. I should be in Decatur Al by June 1 if things go right for a change.

  2. Hope Tim puts sun screen on his head!! Well, sounds like you are winding things up on the TX coast. Are you thinking you might not come back? Stay around Decatur? Go other places? Or just see how things shake out.
    Darrell has a good point about what happens when you get older.....there are things I know I will never be able to do again.....hiking up a hill for example. Of course there are many more....But there are things I still can do.

    1. I have to wait until my eyesight settles down before making any firm choices about much of anything but what's for supper.