Rolling Get Ready


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 28, 2023

We are trying a new style for writing the blog. It may be written in parts during the day as events allow and then published in the evening as usual. The OFM has found he is forgetting things he means to report if he waits too long to record the event.

Here it goes.

We got a great nights sleep since the whole campground seemed to turn off at 2300 last night. So this morning the OFM was eating breakfast sooner than expected AND we had a nice slightly warm temperature outside. After breakfast it was walking time. We noticed quickly that staying in the middle of the roads and away from the brush was the place to be when possible to stay out of the mosquitoes. This area around the lake is rolling land and nicely picturesque.

A new feature to the park land is the addition of developed trails for walking. They are two folks wide and nicely rough grades. They wind through the brush and woods where the roads do not go. But for now they are mosquito highways.

Our walk this morning turned out to be 1.5 very nice miles. Back when the OFM rode bikes he loved to make loops on the several miles of roads in this park.

We finished the watercolor pencil training picture last night. It was several sessions of work and we feel it was excellent training in handling the newish medium of water color pencil. A lot of fun is expected as we work our way up the ladder of knowledge.

After supper this evening we started to get ready to roll tomorrow. That means four days away from the summer location in Decatur Alabama. We are looking forward to it this summer of trying to have tooooo much fun.



  1. mosquitos drive me insane. I can almost feel them as you describe where they are.

  2. (Ha. not the walking one today, just best wishes for tomorrow and beyond....)