RVing Camping Changes In Some Areas


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 3, 2023

The OFM took a good 1.5 mile brisk walk this morning at the Municipal Park and did well with little discomfort. At a bench after the walk we met a nice Mexican fellow who has been working here in the USA for dozens of years. He is a painter by trade and is technically an illegal alien and 73 years old. Speaks good English. We talked of his work times and the places he has worked. According to him he has never ran short of work. There always is more work available than he and his friends can get done and they don't work cheap either he claims. After about a half hour we split and went on our separate ways. It was a nice adventure for the OFM.

A lot more of the day was spent trying to find a spot for the OFM Teams on May 26-28 with electric and along the route to Grandkid land. We have a lead on a spot that we will check out tomorrow that is NE of San Antonio.

An attempt to explain the new fad in RV campgrounds as well as I can is this next paragraph.

Lots of campgrounds here in Texas are switching to you have to rent a lot by the month and sign up for yearly repetition of the monthly rent. Sort of like back years ago when we had a lake lot and house on Lake Sommerville Texas. That lake house was nice but the cost whether it was used or not stayed the same. It did not take long before the family realized we could just stay in a motel type place when we went to the lake and use a lot less money. Owning a lake house turned out to be financially a bad deal 40 years ago. Well it seems that the campground owners want customers to pay for a lot year round whether you use it or not. They do not want regular camping style business that only pays for using a site when they want to be there. Since the OFM Teams mostly only stay at a place a couple of months and not all year, we are not welcome in lots of campgrounds that we used to use. Here in the Corpus Christi area a lot of the campgrounds are in the process of getting rid of the winter Texans that only stay 6 months at a time and then go back north. They are requiring them to rent for 12 months or not get to stay. We will see how well it all works out . Daily, weekly or a few month stays are not welcome.

It certainly is changing the style of the average still working folks who need sites for yearly vacations of a few days or a couple of weeks.

The world keeps on changing doesn't it.

At least the OFM still is interested in trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. The RV parks are getting rid of the tourist trade? That's different... they must think there are a LOT of retired full timers out there with extra money. I guess we'll see if they are right!