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Lost Child Excitement Today


Adventure Location: Lake Corpus Christi SP, Texas

Date: May 27, 2023

We awoke on schedule and things were ready for moving out right on time. We even stopped to dump the waste tanks after 13 days. The OFM even remembered how to do it nicely. And away we went to the exit. Suddenly we realized that the lighting harness to the Castle was not plugged in. So another new stop in the park got the connecter installed far enough to stay in the socket for the rest of the trip( push it in until it clicks) old fool man.

So on the road we were until about twenty minutes into the trip when the OFM noticed the bedroom window was flapping in the wind. So we got the rig pulled over to the shoulder and went back to see what was wrong. A latch had been knocked loose and allowed the window to flap open while going down the road at 60 mph.

The OFM took a wire tie strap to the offending lever and latch to fix it from coming loose again anytime soon.

It held up just fine all the way to the new campsite.

We got to the campground about 1130 and found about 8 vehicles in front us at the guard house. We were checked on through very nicely and given a well marked map on which roads to turn on to get to our site, and the directions were exactly correct! The camping area is a big loop road with loop campsites next to the road. It certainly made setup a lot easier.

Word came around the camping area that a young man teen had come up missing so a missing kid alert went through the park in a hurry. Then EMT folks and police in good quantity showed up and groups who knew what he looked like formed up and scoured the park intensely for a good while. Every thing came out well in the end. The child had got into a vehicle and took a long nap in a back seat. A lot of folks were excited when he was noticed and awakened.

During some evening walking the OFM took this picture of one of the loops crowded camping area. 

So far the crowds have been pretty nice and reasonable to our surprise. Hopefully they will stay like that all through the day tomorrow. Then we will have a wonderful day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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