Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Good Chicken Taco Salad Tonight


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 8, 2023

The morning gale winds were ripping and tearing like a five year old pissed off kid. Our thought was the winds will keep the mosquitoes off the Teams as we get in some good walking and maybe a good picture or two. Well the wind did some good for a few minutes until a morning light rain started to blow through. The OFM Team had been walking for a nice bit but the OFM thought he did not want to get soaked so we went back to Sierra and left the Beach Park for a bit of time.

But we did get this nice picture of a special bench that was installed at the perfect place for folks to take a short walk from the parking lot and enjoy their morning beverage while seeing the day get off to a nice start.

We went back to the castle and spent a long time trying to get our Memorial weekend camping worked out with no luck. Right now it looks like Walmart boon docking is in order for the two day period. But we will keep on trying. For now we have a list of places around the state that could have a cancellation for the two day period that would solve the trouble this non-mobile housing place has caused the Teams. It certainly is not the worst thing that has happened to the Teams.

When the rains had finished and the sun came out we went back to the Beach Park and did some more walking in the winds. Yep, the winds still kept the mosquitoes from biting us as we covered some more distance.

While resting near one of the large nesting areas the skies cleared pretty well and the the area showed its colors and looked pretty. Just ask that seagull on the fence post how well the area is working out.

We do not think it is anything really bad but the OFM has had a very BLAH YUCK day today. Probably due to the stress he is feeling over the still needing a decent spot for the holiday.

We also did a bit more cleaning out more things we have not used in a long time and do not feel we will ever use it in the future. Every little bit of excess that is gotten out of our normal life feels good for it to be gone. We are looking forward to some day moving into a little home instead of this huge 147 square feet of home we have now. The box inside of the Castle is 20 feet long and 7 feet four inches wide.

A good shredded chicken taco salad for supper tonight is helping the OFM feel better. By tomorrow we should be all ready for having tooooo much fun.