Sierra Serviced For Travel Now


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 2, 2023

The OFM finally got to his computer to start on the blog tonight at 2100. So this will be the short most important part of a long day with lots of things to talk about.

We were at the shop for Sierra's brake job a bit early. But the shop guy got busy right away.

The purpose was to replace the brake pads if needed and check the rest of the rolling gear for needs. Sierra has about 135000 miles on it with lots of towing and Sierra is a light duty half ton truck. We plan on some serious towing happening in the next 100k miles so we want everything in first class shape.

Here is a pic of the right front assembly. Yep it needed new braking pads.

Next was the rear assembly ready for examination. Yep it needed new braking pads.

All the other rolling gear checked out as in good shape and did not need any special action.

Sierra is rated for 11500 pounds of towing weight and the Castle full is a little under 6000 pounds wet and road ready. So we are not overloaded at all.

This part of today only cost $400.

Next we headed to Walmart for an oil change. Sierras dash was telling us it was time to change the oil again. So we got there and no vehicles were ahead of us. In Sierra went for the full synthetic oil change etc, The OFM walked across the street for a Whataburger lunch. We had to wait about ten minutes for the oil change fellow to finish up the job and $80 poorer we pulled out.

We are required to get out of this campground by May 14 and now we are nearly ready. We have been finding out that getting reservations for a place to stay on Memorial Day weekend is nearly impossible except for Falcon State Park down in HOT South Texas. So tomorrow will be some more serious looking. Our goal is to get to Point Malllard in Alabama by May 31 at the latest. We have a paid for site waiting for us there.

Today also had lots of photo taking and several other special things happened that will be narrated in the near future. In the meantime we are planning on a lot of trying to have tooooo much fun as we rearrange the OFM life.

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