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Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Date: May 6, 2023

Arising this morning the OFM quickly recognized that his body was rejecting any idea of going for an exercise walk so we settled back for a Walmart walk of a few loops inside and picked up a few things we wanted including a carton of potato salad. By noon the OFM had to agree with his body on the skip a day of full exercise walking. We just kept on gently moving around most of the day and finally the OLD body was doing well. It feels like a stronger exercise will be happening in the morning.

Since we had the ingredients we decided that today was Stoup prep day and there we went. This was an especially easy prep since no cooking was needed.

We put beans, corn, left over sliced ham, left over green onions, left over celery and BBQ sauce in the pot. Warmed it up and stirred it several times and tasted. Yep we were finished except for clean up and putting it into five containers and putting into the freezer. It did not even need any more spicing to make it just really good.

Just for no good reason we took the short drive to our next camping place at Goose Island State Park for 12 days. Here is the site we have reserved for until we head for Grankid land.

We still do not have a place to stay between Grandkid land and Rockport. It could be a very interesting trip. Our next reserved site is at Point Mallard in Decatur Alabama. We are caught in this place to stay mess because of this campground we are at changed their policy in mid stream of our stay here.

To our surprise the AC has been running intermittently today and the thermostat is set on 81F. Apparently it was warmer outside than we expected. But the hordes of folks down at the Beach Park thought it was a great day to play in the sun, sand and surf. They were doing a wonderful job of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Hot here today (95) in central TX we were rewarded (or depending on where exactly, burdened) with thunderstorms. Having been in northern NM all week, I found it stifling when I came home last night. All well here and the rain was good...any time there's a flash flood warning it's sort of good news up here lately, and the lake watershed actually had 3-5 inches, so that is good. While traveling, I noticed all sorts of rv campgrounds, some not very desirable, some looking quite good...and some small not famous ones, so perhaps you can come across some of those on your way back to Decatur. I hope there will be some nice surprises, and I suspect you are skilled in finding locations.

  2. Check for campgrounds in east Texas and Louisiana. We've stayed at some nice Corps of Engineers campgrounds in Texas and a lovely Forest Service campground in northern Louisiana. Both agencies usually have some first come, first served sites. Some have full hookups.

  3. Under the Boondockers Welcome banner, Len and Phyillis have a small set up to include electricity at their location in Cullman, AL. Being it is on personal property for short term stays, giving you a chance to have tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you. Cullman is about 20 minutes from my Alabama Campground.

  4. Maybe add a can of diced tomatoes?