Morning Sun




Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-23-2023

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The income tax mess is at the preparer's location and supposed to be finalized by Monday at 1700 hours. It will be wonderful to get that headache out of the way so the OFM Teams can get back to normal for us living again.

It was another day of tee shirt and shorts weather today. The weather was not chilly but just a hint of chill if you stood in a shadow. The strong winds probably caused a bit of wind chill in the late afternoon but we could handle that just fine. Tee shirt and shorts beats coats and long johns every time.

A big surprise came in the mail today. A post card from a reader in Oregon arrived. Thank you Mick and we do plan on keeping on blogging. But do not be surprised if a day of rest from blogging happens now and then in the future. Some days the OFM is just plain old tired from his ancientness and needs a rest. And yes it is getting very close to AC time here on the Texas coast, but that means it is close to fish catching time also.

We have about fifty pics in storage that need to be process and/or culled for blog use. The weather was nice and bright today for much of the day. This was taken at the boat ramp area fish cleaning table on Little Bay here in Rockport. With days like this you can bet the crowds are coming soon.

Speaking of fishing, the OFM Fishing Team has been testing the waters for fishing daily so we will not miss a good day. We tried a new slightly heavier lure like the ones we have been having great luck with the last couple of years. The lure is just a little heavier than the Team's rod is designed to cast. Well the slightly heavier lure flexed the rod tip just enough to cause the OFM to lose about fifty percent of his casting control. Not a good thing for sure. So maybe those lure weight ratings printed on the fishing rods are real numbers that need to be paid attention to when matching a rod to a lure for casting. At least we now know.

We did get to see our first pair of porpoises swimming along the shoreline like they were hunting schools of food fishes. The direction of their swimming stayed on a straight line for a long way before they disappeared from sight. That usually means they did not detect any proper size fish for their lunch. When they swim along making erratic forays along the shore line it means food fish are roaming the area the the OFM Fishing Teams need to get busy with catching those food fishies, too.

Everyone rest up for a big weekend of warm weather and trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Sounds like you are having way toooooo much fun down there at your new location.

  2. Yup. A day off now and then is a good thing.....lovely to see a pelican. Enjoy.