Krazy Kite


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-31-2023

It was help my friends get on the road back to Michigan day. The Teams got there on time and there was not much left to be done but it still took an hour. After all the good byes they got rolling in good spirits. They plan to be back next November.

The Castle has had a cracked fender for a few years from when a tire blew out at 60 mph and tore the Castle's fender. We had not fixed it since it was riding in place just fine with a couple of cracks. This last loop along the Rio Grande, which was great fun and CHEAP, led to the further cracking of the plastic fender. So today the OFM remembered to stop at a hardware store and get some stainless steel screws and fender washers to control the crack. Our plan was to get the pieces held in place and caulked before the cracks went completely through the pieces of the fender.

Here is a picture of the fender after the washer and screw installations. The fender fit back in place very well and the screws tightened up nicely.

After that work we got our preferred caulk out and did a relatively nice job of caulking the cracks.

This is the caulk we have found does an excellent job of caulking our RV rigs.

It does need to be painted after it cures but that is good since we can then match paint colors to the area. We use acrylic paint very successfully.

The OFM had to take a nap this afternoon so we did not get in a lot of afternoon messing around but we did get a short walking trip down to the beach park. We have gathered more information on the trail we took today for a full review in the new future. However tonight we had a nice walk and saw some pretty wild cloud formations. These really caught our attention and we took several shots of them. The one chosen for tonight was rather dramatic now but standing out there at the waters edge taking the pictures was a special experience.

And last for tonight there was also a kite flier at the beach working out with his kite. This beach is a major kite flying area and at times there must be nearly a hundred kites of all sorts in the air. Today it was only this one but it was several hundred yards from the OFM so the camera was used at about 30X and then the picture cropped to fit the blog format. It was a pretty neat kite to see in flight.

We never did figure out exactly what the kite was representing but the 20-30 mph wind had it dancing in the sky.

That was the highlights of the day and the weekend may be even more busy from the looks of all the specialty rigs in town. We will see how many ways we can find for trying to have tooooo much fun this weekend.


  1. Never really occurred to me before, but the beach is an excellent place for kites. There's always wind. And they are nice to see bouncing around.

    1. Nearly every beach I have been to has kite festivals and they are always interesting to visit.

  2. I had cracks in the plastic wheel well skirt on my first trailer. I tried to buy a replacement. Hopeless. I should have done something like you did. It looks good and is economical.

    1. I did not even look for a replacement for this 2005 model trailer. Even the screws are out of date now.