More Bright Flowers


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-25-2023

Walmart had more colorful flowers on display this morning. So we got a picture of a couple of them to cheer up our day this morning.

This yellow one was dramatically bright and immediately caught the OFM's attention.

A few steps away was this light crème colored flower showing off its natural beauty to everyone that would look. We thought it was very nice. 

Coupled with the flowers of a couple of days ago, these made the flower show even more spectacular.

In the afternoon we made it down to the Rockport Beach Park area to check on the water conditions and fish catching progress.

The first section of the beach was fairly crowded and the water was nice and clear. Plenty of folks were out there making whoopy having a blast. The rest of the beach on into the park was even more crowded and this is about 1600 when the picture was taken.

To the right of the beach picture is the rock pier that we went out on to check the water and fish availability. The water condition is doing very well. Additionally the water was clearing to a beautiful green that fish love to live in. One of the fellows on the end of the pier caught a small fish and threw it back into the bay.

When we made it out to the end of the pier we had a couple of nibbles but more importantly schools of small food fishes were coming through the area and the terns and pelicans were able to catch enough of them to keep on feeding for a good while. Food fishes and nice clear green water indicate that the migration of the fish that the OFM wants to be catching may be into the local area the near future.

Tomorrow afternoon should have the crowds lessened by all the folks heading back to San Antonio after lunch. San Antonio is about a two to three hour drive from Rockport depending on which side of SA you live on.

The OFM is having a hard time deciding whether to do art or go fishing or how to do both for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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