One Yucca Bloom Is All


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-9-2023

Lots of folks bring lots and lots of things to set up to their campsite. Two hours of setting up is pretty average. Taking down takes longer. The OFM travels simply and on a big set up he gets the two folding chairs out of the forward storage bin and we are finished. Getting ready to leave usually takes less than twenty minutes and we start rolling.

We have been here nearly two weeks and here is how cluttered the site is getting.

We like keeping things very simple to say the least.

For excitement today we did some running around to find any floral activity. We got one decent shot of a yucca bloom. The drought has nearly every thing dead or nearly dead but this bloom seemed nice.

While out roaming we got in some fishing at 277North campground. Nope no pictures. But it was nice to be fishing from the old creek bridge casting at very large carp rolling in the shallow water. In some ways we are glad we did not hook one of those three to four feet long monsters. We would not have wanted to keep it but we forgot to use a barbless hook to facilitate releasing the monster fish. The OFM has been away from fishing for too long.

And finally tonight we had something of a sunset. It was pretty nice and the OFM took about sixteen exposures and chose this one for display.

Everyone have fun tomorrow as the traffic starts to build at the first wave of Spring Break folks hit the road to their destinations. A lot of them are headed north to BBNP for geology classes. Others will be headed south for Padre Island fun in the sun to get away from the northern cold. Both destinations have a main route right through Del Rio Tx. The OFM will be staying out of the way trying to have tooooo much fun his way.


  1. Smashing sunset photo! I wonder how much traffic will come through where you are. I'm sure you will keep us informed. Good luck dodging.

  2. Simple camping sounds like the best idea. Great sunset photos, as usual.

  3. Never see those purple tipped yucca blooms this far north. The variety here is all pure white and blooms much later of course. I remember some of the ones in your photo from Uvalde......they are really kind of stunning. But so are the all white ones. Deer love them here....so often you can see only stumps where there should have been spikes. I can see why - when the spike is just starting to bud, it looks just like an asparagus spear.