Miserable Wind Today


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today Date: 3-28-2023

Good grief it is getting dark late these days. We cannot stop shooting pictures until it is dark as we attempt more sunset pictures. And the next thing the OFM notices is that it is bedtime.

Any way it has been a not feeling well day for the OFM. We have hope it is pollen allergies and we will live through it all pretty soon.

A trip to Walmart to check allergy prevention dope found us in the parking lot in the midst of a new shipment of pretty flowers. Naturally the OFM had to take a few pictures. We culled it down to two pictures for tonight and got rid of around 13,649 other shots.

The big trouble today was the severe winds in the area. Winds were supposedly hitting about 30 mph and it was blowing things around like old folks in parking lots. It is a good thing the OFM is about137 pounds overweight so he just waddles a little bit when going across the parking areas. However the wind did cut out our attempt at aerobic walking today no matter where we tried. Part of the lack of walking could have been some of the feeling not right from the allergies. We will find out tomorrow if the allergy dope does any good.

We started a new painting with new techniques from scratch this afternoon and it is proving to be a serious challenge for the OFM Art Team. Tomorrow may be very entertaining or frustrating. We shall find out.

Hopefully the OFM will be doing much better tomorrow and we will have a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Wind is never fun. Hopefully, this dope fixes the OFM right up.

  2. I hate that I am doing this, but I am. I'm recommending something. Flonase, or generic whatever, OTC. A nose spray. I've been pretty surprised. Pecan bloom season is approaching in a week or so. If it can handle that for me, it can handle anything. We'll see.

    1. I am familiar with Flonase. Thank you for the suggestion.