Attack Critters

Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-8-2023

Once again Rick and the OFM discussed places to go when we leave here. Then we discussed when to leave here. But before we go too far let us look at the morning sunshine.

That is not dramatically exciting is it. But it is what we had. The spring breakers should start arriving pretty soon to stay overnight on their run to Big Bend National Park for their geology field trips.

The OFM needs to get the word out about the attack critters we have in this area. Here is two of them the OFM photographed this evening. We are a bit worried about what they are planning on assaulting soon.

We had a pair of campers come in to spend the night and chose this tent spot. It holds their extended old style long Dodge van easily. It reminded the OFM of how he used to travel when he was first roaming the country in the 70's.

We are not out running the roads much right now. We did get in some fishing over at the 277 North campground for about an hour. The large carp were frolicking around in the shallow waters but we did not get a hook into one of them.

Tonight the sunset takes a lot of imagination. 

The last two days have been noticeably over cast most of the day so photography is a bit bland to say the least. Solar panels were even taking a bit longer to get the job done. Before we know it, the temps will be high 90s and we will wish for cloudy days.

With a little luck tomorrow will be a better day for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. High 90s would be no fun at all. We are going to have our first 80 degree day on Friday in thevPhoenix srea.

  2. I like that last picture, very nice!